Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo was proclaimed candidate by the PNVC

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Politica Dominicana Ramfis dominguez trujillo
Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo

Politica Dominicana

Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo was proclaimed by a majority as a presidential candidate of the National Citizen Will (PNVC) party, in an act attended by representatives of the Central Electoral Board.

Ramfis D. Trujillo defined as a historical day for our country and was accepted by the voice of the people. The proclamation as a presidential candidate in said political organization. Which he designs is the new political generation of the Dominican Republic to direct the destiny of our country. Said that undertakes before the Dominican people and God to always work for their homeland, not to vary their principle. The ideology and the foundations that we have raised from the beginning, work tirelessly for our country and seek the unity of all Dominicans for that this Dominican Republic belongs to all of us.

Siad “I love my people with all my being, and I have an unwavering faith in God; clinging to it and and by the hand of the people we will face all the problems that affect our nation, in such a harmful way with corruption, that the institutionality is kidnapped; the illegal migration of Haitians weighing on our shoulders; impunity, which has prevailed more than ever during these last decades; coupled with crime and insecurity. You can find a lot of Politica Dominicana on this website check out all of our posts and pages.



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